Arrival with the car:

If you arrive from the direction of Germany, on the motorway you should follow directions to Salzburg and then Villach from where you must drive towards Slovenian capital Ljubljana. From Ljubljana motorway takes you to Postojna where you take a turn to the direction of Rijeka. From Rijeka, 110km long coastal road leads you further to the south and you will be passing through places like Crikvenica and Senj. After Senj continue on the same road for around 40 km but start to be aware of road signs which will point you to the narrow curvy road leading to the small place of Jablanac from where there’s a ferry connection to the island. The ride lasts only 15 minutes during which you will be able to admire spectacular view on the Velebit mountain. Soon after you arrive on Rab you can start to enjoy splendor of the island’s scents. First place you will pass through on island is called Barbat. Pass Barbat and continue driving straight. After you enter second place called Banjol, soon there will be a crossroad where the road splits into two directions: direction of Rab’s center and direction of Supetarska draga. Take a turn right towards Supetarska draga and continue driving through place called Mundanije until you reach a crossroad where you take a left turn following directions to Donja Supetarska draga and Gonar. After few hundred meters on your right side you will see first the sport field and then small place square called “Malin” where there are few purchase possibilities. Just 50 meters after, turn right towards restaurants Gurmann and Royal and then continue straight for another few hundred meters until you reach Villa Doris.