Villa Doris | Island Rab | Croatia

Villa Doris, Island Rab, Croatia

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• Who are we

Welcome to the apartments Villa Doris. Our family run house lies on the beautiful island Rab in the bay of Supetarska Draga.

For a long time it has been managed by family Bunic who have always taken special care of well-being of their guests in warm and friendly atmosphere.

sea distance

• Our position

Villa Doris is situated 60 m from the sea and place center can be reached in few minutes of easy walk.

It has a capacity of five apartments.

A dedicated boat berths are at disposal just 100 m from the house.

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• Our tradition

The tourism in Villa Doris has a very long tradition, which spans over several generations. Our house offers accommodation of exceptional quality together with feeling of hospitality and family atmosphere.

We wish you a restful vacation and very pleasant stay!


Supetarska Draga

In the northwest of the Island Rab surrounded with olive trees and vineyards, lies the fruitful valley of Supetarska Draga. It consists of upper and lower Draga („Draga “means “bay”). Place owes its name to the 11th century Romanic basilica of saint Peter that attracts numerous believers and culture admirers with its simple beauty. One says that the Basilica’s bell is the oldest in whole Adriatic. Guests will fast notice that here in Supetarska Draga modern is mixed with traditional and that can be also noticed in touristic offer. Besides regular guests, place always attracts new guests who capture Draga immediately in their hearts. Place is especially interesting for boat drivers. In short time they can reach three little islands of Maman, Srednjak, Sailovac. These islands are characterized by the beauty of their sand beaches, particularly clear sea and protected bays ideal for sun bathing. Bay of Supetarska is protected from wind, it is nice and peaceful and lot of different birds nest here during the winter. Not only the birds take this advantage, also many boat owners spend their summers here.